Feedback is necessary for positive change. The earlier you receive feedback, the earlier you can improve yourself, the team, the process, and the product.


  • Ask for feedback early and actively. By asking you will feel more secure about the yet unknown feedback. Have no fear.
  • Give open and honest feedback when asked, even when it is hard
  • Give feedback from your personal feelings, even when not asked
  • Receive feedback without defending yourself, even when it is hard

Real Life Example

In a team of three Kabisa developers and one subcontracted developer, the subcontracted developer felt like he had to prove himself as a suitable developer, specifically towards one of the Kabisa developers. This made him feel insecure and unhappy. When talking to the Scrum Master about this in confidence, the Scrum Master advised him to plan a short meeting with the specific Kabisa developer, and give him this feedback. We don’t know what happened during the meeting, but everyone involved noticed an immediate positive change in the open and happy participation of the subcontracted developer in the team.