At Kabisa, great things come from striving for great things. We always create the best solution possible and raise the bar every day. We strive for Craftsmanship and value the latest knowledge and expertise. We foster in personal growth and team growth.


At Kabisa we explicitly recruit software developers who are passionate craftsmen, and/or who choose for Kabisa because they want to be a craftsman. This naturally results in an environment where ambition is part of the culture.

Real Life Example

A large multi-national, and longtime customer of Kabisa, had two (non-Kabisa) teams for one UI-intensive B2C mobile app: an iOS team and an Android team. They were convinced that it was impossible to build their specific UI features on a single codebase with equal performance. Two developers from Kabisa were convinced this was possible. The customer challenged Kabisa to do a proof of concept within two weeks. Kabisa was able to call the customer two days later, and demo what the customer thought was impossible.