At Kabisa, we create partnership with joint responsibility. We are transparent, open and honest. At times, we can be stubborn, but we show our commitment. We are brave, and dare to mention the elephant in the room. We love to learn together and find new solutons to complex problems.


The Kabisa Success Process is all about organizing and facilitating co-creation. From co-preparation, to the scrum events, to the daily practices. Still, a collaborative attitude of all people involved is needed to make that work. If you are not convinced that working together makes your work better (or someone in your team seems not convinced), make this an issue in the retrospective.

Real Life Example

In the Backlog Refinement session during the second sprint of project with a first time Product Owner, the Product Owner[1] came unprepared. It became clear during the session, that the Product Owner would be unable to discuss the details of the most important User Stories with the key stakeholders before the start of the next sprint. On initiative of the Kabisa Scrum Master, the team searched for User Stories lower on the Product Backlog, that were must-haves for the first release, and that were clear enough for the Product Owner and development team. These User Stories were refined during the session, and built during the next sprint. This gave the Product Owner more time to consult with stakeholders and come well-prepared to the next Backlog Refinement[2]. It’s this collaborative attitude that gave the Product Owner the opportunity to grow in his new role, without jeopardizing the outcome of the project.


  1. Product Owner - The Product Owner plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. He or she is responsilble for maintaining the Product Backlog.
  2. Backlog Refinement - The goal of Backlog Refinement is to be prepared for the upcoming sprints.