Customer Focus


At Kabisa, we seek for the question behind the question. We have an attitude of being transparent and vulnerable. We are flexible and commit to our proven successful process. We start with a blank slate, are curious and validate assumptions. We express creativity and propose alternatives to choose from.


We continuously involve the customer in the development process. We’ve learned that customer happiness does not come from building what was planned, but building what is needed. Therefore, our way of working allows us to be responsive to actual customer needs and flexible towards changing the plan when needed.

Real Life Example

A customer of Kabisa in the care sector had to deal with a change in legislation. They requested support for this in their software system, that is maintained by Kabisa. When the request was discussed with Kabisa developers, these developers concluded that executing a number of manual actions would sufficiently deal with the change in legislation, and that building the requested software changes would be much more expensive for the customer. The customer was very happy with this advice, and praised the Kabisa developers for thinking about the customers interest, rather than Kabisa interest.