The cost to fix a bug increases exponentially the later it is found in development or even production. So when developing a product, focus on quality. But it is not just that. In all the aspects of your work, when you have identified something that is important enough to spend your time on, it should also be important enough to do an excellent job on it. Or the other way around: if it’s not worth doing it right, it’s probably not worth doing it at all.


Doing things with quality is more a mindset than it is a set of practices. Since it is a shared mindset within Kabisa, it really gets an impact within code reviews and retrospectives.

Real Life Example

In the second week of a sprint, one of the developers (Timothy) has successfully finished one of the user stories, and is ready to start working on a new story. During stand-up, he hears that the stakeholder, who tested the user story that another developer (Jason) was working on, had found quite some issues. Rather than picking up a new story, the team decides that Timothy will work with Jason to fix all these issues during this sprint. As a result, at the end of the sprint the team has not finished all planned user stories, but the ones that are done, are done with the quality that is required for going live.