To enable our customers to make the right decisions, they need to know what’s really going on. Being transparent does not come naturally in a client-supplier relationship. At Kabisa we have learned that transparency helps build trust, which is necessary for the long-lasting partnership we have with our customers. Also, being transparent makes life so much easier!


Be open and honest, all the time about everything, and do not fear the consequences. You’ll be surprised positively. Our customers value this transparency in Kabisa. Kabisa values this transparency in its employees.

Real Life Example

A month after a new major release of the Maji Mobile framework, a new mobile app project started, for which the new framework was used. During the first sprint, the progress was much lower than planned by the team. During the retrospective (with the Product Owner participating) one of the developers explained his personal moderate performance by telling about his problems with getting acquainted with some parts of the new stack. The Product Owner[1] (new customer of Kabisa) was very surprised by this kind of honesty. It immediately increased trust between the Product Owner and Kabisa team, which was great for the atmosphere and the results of the project.


  1. Product Owner - The Product Owner plays a crucial role in the development of a great software product. He or she is responsilble for maintaining the Product Backlog.